Jim Kwik Speech at The 8th Annual Biohacking Conference

Bionic Buzz® got to cover The 8th Annual Biohacking Conference at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. Thousands of health and wellness seekers from around the globe were captivated by the latest advancements in science and technology, and hear from world’s leading experts in health, longevity, consciousness, performance and more.

Hosted by legendary biohacker and esteemed entrepreneur Dave Asprey and Upgrade Labs, the world’s first Human Upgrade Center, the highly acclaimed Biohacking Conference, formerly known as The Bulletproof Conference, is the largest event of its kind. Attendees got to try out the latest cutting-edge technologies from over 100 exhibiting partners that showcase their latest innovations.

Here is video of Jim Kwik’s speech at the conference. For over 25 years, renowned brain coach, Jim Kwik, has worked closely with CEOs, executives, celebrities, athletes, students, and super-achievers in various industries to enhance brain performance through world-class accelerated learning programs and proven methods for brain fitness.

Jim is the Founder & CEO of Kwik Learning, NYT Bestselling Author of Limitless, Speed Reading & Memory Trainer & Host of the #1 Kwik Brain Podcast


Video by Steve Sievers of Bionic Buzz.

Bionic Buzz

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