Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference 2022: How Biohackers Increase Cellular Performance & Body Health

#upgradelabs #daveasprey #biohacking DefenderShield attended and exhibited at Dave Asprey’s Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference 2022 in Orlando, Florida. This is the World’s largest biohacking conference, and took place September 17-19, 2022.

While there, we got to show people how to reduce their EMF radiation exposure to increase their holistic health and wellness and upgrade their cell health while using technology!

CEO and co-founder of DefenderShield Daniel DeBaun spoke in an Upgrade U Outbreak Session at the conference. DeBaun gave a thought-provoking presentation on how 5G wireless networks actually work, and how they may and may not be harmful to us.

We also got to test out all the other new and innovative methods biohackers are using to better their brain, body, and daily living.