Webinar: Biohacking – The Future of Health Optimisation

Through new approaches to diet, sleep, medicine, psychology, fitness and more, biohackers are unlocking the secrets to success hidden in the body. A new way of approaching health and performance, biohacking makes use of the modalities available to us to optimise wellbeing.

Now more than ever, individuals are taking ownership for their health and fitness and the term ‘biohacking’ has quickly become the buzzword among those committed to identifying the most advanced health solutions. We’re pleased to welcome one of the UK’s leading biohackers and founder of London’s Health Optimisation Summit, Tim Gray, and Lanserhof at The Arts Club medical director and orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, Mr Sebastian Kunz, for a timely discussion on the topic of biohacking. Whether you are just getting started, rebuilding foundations, or are ready to level up your performance, together we’ll explore the essentials for positive, healthy progress.