Biohacking on a Budget – Save Money on Supplements, Fitness Trackers (Oura Ring) & Lab Tests

STOP! Before you buy into any more hype about the next big, latest, and greatest biohacking trend, I want to show you an easier way.

In 2017, I hit rock bottom and in my desperation, threw a crazy amount of money at the problem, looking for answers that no one else seemed to be able to find.

And, if you’re currently struggling to find the reasons behind your depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and procrastination, but don’t have the funds you THINK you need to do so, then listen up.

In this in-depth video, I’m going to share how to avoid the hype, save big money on unnecessary pills, & fitness trackers (like the Oura Ring), and show you how to become a Biohacker On a Budget!


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Jump back to revisit important sections with these timecodes;

0:00 – What you need to know if you’re overwhelmed by the cost of biohacking
0:21 – Trailer
1:36 – My personal biohacking journey & what you. can learn from it
2:49 – What kind of biohacker are you?
4:10 – How to Save Money on Supplements, While Boosting Your Energy & Drive
6:23 – 3 steps to biohacking without spending hundreds on supplements each month
10:03 – Ditch the fancy wearable trackers like Oura Ring & get a journal
12:34 – 8 triggers to track every day to biohack your performance
14:18 – The truth behind getting expensive tests
19:46 – The importance of biohacking your sleep
23:34 – How to get your Free Gut Health Report
24:30 – Details on my upcoming book, Mind Control



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