Ep 219 ft. Dave Asprey: Bulletproof, Biohacking, Intermittent Fasting, Sleep, Healing & More!

Are you ready to inject some va-va-voom into your daily routine, crank up your energy levels, decrease inflammation, and heal your body from toxins and dis-ease?

Today’s very, very special guest, Dave Asprey, aka the father of biohacking is here to empower this soul-community with life-changing tools to control body biology and help you show up even bigger and brighter than ever before.

This deep dive into nutrition will obliterate everything you thought you knew about healthy eating! Prepare to ditch your kale smoothie as he shatters illusions around the greens trend, lays down the law on intermittent fasting, and shares his spiritual takeaways from his fasting vision quest with a shaman.

He also discusses his new book, Fast This Way, which is set to shift your kitchen and mindset from top to bottom. Listeners are encouraged to take their biohacking mission to the next level by sending the receipt of your book purchase to fastthisway.com. Where you’ll be able to participate in a FREE fasting workshop with Dave Aspery walking you through his unique fasting philosophy.

Prepare for optimum mind-nourishment!

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