Dave Asprey – Biohacking Technologies You've Never Heard Of – Biohackers Conference 2013

The list of speakers for this year’s conference is unreal – https://bulletproofconference.com/
As a special bonus, we’re giving anyone who registers for this year’s conference access to every talk from the speakers at least year’s conference as well!

The 2014 Bulletproof Biohacker’s Conference will feature presentations from 37 luminaries in the field of health and wellness, and a mountain of tech for biohacking, including a special setup from the Flow Genome Project that will kick you into a flow state and give you biofeedback! Attendees also get a $100 store credit to the Bulletproof Store, and access to products and information not yet available to the public. Don’t miss out on the biggest biohacking event of the year!

In this presentation, Dave discusses little known biohacking technologies, including:
Irlen lenses – block particular spectrums of light that hinder performance
Powerlung – upgrade your breathing with resistance both in and out (available at https://www.upgradedself.com/powerlung-respiratory-lung-strength-trainer)
Digital thermometer – measure biofeedback and learn to control body temperature
Olimex EEG – measure neurofeedback and do EEG biofeedback training
Brain Focus Trainer – learn to control blood flow to your prefrontal cortex for focus and attention
(available at https://www.upgradedself.com/products/upgraded-focus-brain-trainer)
LED light glasses – turns on particular parts of your brain that are inactive, color of lenses affects mood
Greenwave EMF filters – mediates dirty electricity and prevents EMF waves
(available at https://www.upgradedself.com/products/greenware-emf-filters-starter-kit)
Cold laser – faster healing, more energy, reduces inflammation
HeartMath emWave 2 – train heart rate variability
(available at https://www.upgradedself.com/products/heartmath-emwave2)
Infrared laser – stimulates brain tissue, but comes with risks!
Ozone therapy – hormetic change to challenge anti-oxidant system
Upgraded Collagen Protein – better skin, hair and muscle recovery
(available at https://www.upgradedself.com/products/bulletproof-upgraded-collagen-protein)
Upgraded Brain – aniracetam, increases memory
(No longer available)