Dave Feldman: Biohacking High Cholesterol Levels on Keto Diet

Dave Feldman explains how some get high cholesterol blood results on a keto diet, but how quickly you can reduce your cholesterol levels if needed.

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Dave is fast becoming a sought after cholesterol expert in the low carb diet community. This is because of his in depth and extensive self-experimentation results.

Dave is a hyper-responder to a keto diet. This means when he eats more fat and less carb he experiences a rise in LDL cholesterol unlike others who can get the opposite.

However, Dave is trying to crack the cholesterol code by testing on his own body what happens when he manipulates certain factors to his cholesterol blood test readings.

He has discovered the inversion pattern plus devised the Feldman Protocol for reducing cholesterol within a day or two if needed quickly.

If you have changed your diet to eat less carbohydrates and more fat, but your blood tests show your cholesterol has gone up and now you are worried then this interview is for you.

Listen to Dave to help ease your mind and know how weak a biomarker cholesterol is for cardiovascular disease.

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