Biohack & Stay Younger

Sajeev Nair is a Serial Entrepreneur and an internationally acclaimed Peak Performance Coach. He is also considered as one of the breakthrough wellness evangelists and a pioneer in Biohacking in India. While in the western countries Biohacking is considered as a technology driven do-it-yourself hacking of one’s biology, where inserting sensors and chips inside the body, gene editing, fecal transplant etc are considered as the ways to Biohack, Sajeev Nair advocates more of eastern Biohacking methodologies. As per Sajeev Nair, Biohacking has been a practice in countries like India for over 5000 years. He along with his research team are working towards bringing out various Biohacking processes and tools. Extensive research is underway in the fields of genetics, microbiome, personalized nutrition & fitness and IOTs.

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