Episode #159: Susan Bratton: The Ultimate Sexual Biohacking Protocol For Better Intimacy

Do you feel like your sex life took a hit as you grew older?

In this episode of the Biohacking Superhuman Podcast, I chat with Susan Bratton about sexual biohacking. Most women tend to let their sex lives die off as they grow older, especially if their body changes in ways where sex just doesn’t happen to feel the same way that it used to. From vaginal dryness to difficulty achieving orgasms, Susan talks about the different sexual rejuvenation treatments and protocols women can try out so that they can continue to enjoy intimacy with their partners even as their bodies change over time.

We also chat about the importance of cultivating intimacy with a partner that you have been with for a long time. Susan shares her sex bucket list, among other tools, and explains how this tool can help light up that spark that may have been dormant between you and your partner for a while.

Susan Bratton is an Intimacy Wellness Expert, Sexual Bio-Hacker, and self-proclaimed “Orgasmanaut”, who is a champion and advocate for all those who desire lifelong intimacy and passion. She’s a best-selling author and publisher of 44 books and programs including Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, Ravish Him, Steamy Sex Ed™, The Passion Patch, Hormone Balancing, and Hot To Trot.

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What we discuss:

00:02:24: Is sex good for you?
00:07:16: What does Susan think of sexual biohacking?
00:11:34: What is the difference between intimacy and sex?
00:22:17: Is the sex bucket list only for couples?
00:26:05: Why does it take longer for women to be ready to go?
00:33:30: Why do women experience vaginal dryness?
00:40:10: What sexual rejuvenation treatments does Susan recommend?
00:44:30: How can O shots help?
00:48:35: What is Orgasmic Cross-Training?
00:52:14: Where to learn more about Susan?

Key Takeaways:

One of the most common complaints women make once they reach menopause is that nothing feels good when it comes to love-making. The reason? They just can’t get aroused like they used to. Given that your vagina is a muscle and not a gland, it can’t lubricate itself without blood flow. Your vaginal tissue requires blood flow to seep through the layers of its tissue to wet the lining. But over time, as women reach menopause, the tissue thins out and tends to dry up. Thus, the importance of doing the work to bring blood flow back to your pelvic bowl – especially as you get older.

The #1 reason why women don’t enjoy sex is that they’re engaging in intercourse BEFORE their bodies are properly prepared for it! See, men tend to be aroused very quickly and are ready for intercourse within a few minutes of foreplay. On the other hand, women need an average of 20 to 30 minutes of consistent stimulation to be fully aroused. As a result, this makes sex less enjoyable as women engage in intercourse BEFORE enough time has gone by to ensure adequate blood flow has made its way toward their vaginal tissue – which would properly lubricate their vagina. And as women get older and the vaginal tissue thins out, it takes even more time to get aroused – making intercourse more painful than it used to be if they rush it.

Most women have been having sex like a dude most of their lives if not all of their lives. While it’s something that women don’t realize early on in their sex life, it becomes a lot more apparent after menopause when their bodies change.