UK's leading biohacker Tim Gray explains BIOHACKING SECRETS

In this episode of Hyperbaric Living podcast Dr. Masha is speaking with Tim Gray, UK’s leading biohacker, about Hyperbaric Therapy and its role in biohacking.

Biohacking is the art and science of optimising the environment inside of you and outside of you to take control of your biology. It is optimising your health using ancestral wisdom and modern advancement to reverse the damage that modern world does to us. – book a free consultation to learn about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and decide whether it can be the right therapy for you.

Tim Biohacker is a founder of Health Optimisation Summit, Europe’s largest health conference and the #1 European Biohacking event.

Tim also created a Health Optimisation Program that teaches how to optimise and take control of your health.

Tim Gray can be found on Instagram @timbiohacker


0:00 intro

1:30 What is Biohacking

4:37 Tim’s story how he became a biohacker

6:07 Addressing Fundamentals of Health: breathing

7:03 Addressing Fundamentals of Health: sleep

7:55 Addressing Fundamentals of Health: hydration

9:20 Learn this tip to maximise your hyperbaric experience

14:33 Tim’s personal experience with HBOT

16:05 Why Hyperbarics work?

20:17 How Hyperbarics fits into Tim’s system of biohacking health?

24:05 Dangers od misusing Hyperbarics

27:33 How to maximise effect of Hyperbaric Session

31:05 How to choose the right pressure for a hyperbaric session?

38:30 Biological Dentistry and hyperbarics

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