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Steps to overcome ED

How to overcome ED
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“Erectile dysfunction for men, and sexual dysfunction for women, are a warning sign that some other serious problem, or set of problems, has caused the canary in the coal mine to cry out for help. You cannot treat and resolve the symptoms of sexual dysfunction until you look at the entire body, mind, and soul as a whole, with sexual performance acting as only one part of the whole body which must function well together from head to toe.

To heal your sexual performance, you must also heal your overall health… physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. This is where mainstream Western medicine has failed us currently. But this is where I can help you.” — Brooke Hazen
‘You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together’ was born of Brooke Hazen’s direct experience, and inspired by a deep desire to share his very personal story and findings.

Brooke developed a holistic, preventative, and curative protocol based on experiential evidence and scientific studies in order to help men and women like you who have suffered from sexual dysfunction, pornography addiction, and relational disharmony.
On this channel, Brooke shares his exhaustive research and indepth insights on how he was able to find a way for himself, and now for you, to become the sexual and relational beings we were born to be.

‘You Are Not Broken’ is available on Amazon in print, ebook and audiobook versions.


Advance Praise
“Are modern habits undermining your sexual health—or the sexual health of someone you love? If so, this book is your lodestar for returning to vibrant wellbeing and satisfying intimacy. Trace the insights gathered by courageous author Brooke Hazen as he unearths jewels that will brighten your love life, your health, and your outlook. For best results, explore the radically different approach to lovemaking in the early chapters.”
—Marnia Robinson, author of Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships