Dave Asprey Bio-Hacking Conference | Featured Tech Hall Bio-Hack: NanoVi


Every year, Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Upgrade Labs and “40 years of Zen”, brings together companies and individuals from all over the world to collaborate on their passion for health through technology.  What started in 2014 as a small group of bio-hacking self-experimenters has since evolved into the largest biohacking event in the world: The Dave Asprey Bio-Hacking Conference. This event is well known for showcasing the world’s hottest bio-hack products along with tomorrow’s promising tech. Attendees are usually some of the first to interact with the newest biohacking technologies and NanoVi was proudly featured in the “Tech Hall” portion of the 7th annual 2021 Dave Asprey Bio-Hacking conference. 

Watch this “Tech Hall” video to see what Dave Asprey and other biohackers and athletes have to say about NanoVi:

As the slideshow video presentation above explains, NanoVi’s approach is to accelerate cellular repair and regeneration by improving protein (folding) activities. The mechanism by which this is done is to increase the amount of ordered water within cells. 

Why is ordered water important? Because proteins require ordered water to fold properly and function; and since protein is the main component of all muscles, bones, organs, skin, and nails in the body, its proper functioning is vital to overall health and wellness. NanoVi helps provide proteins with ordered water by emitting humidity (a mist) with “enhanced coherent domains” that have been proven to increase the build-up of ordered water on surfaces, like proteins.  Once the vapor from NanoVi is inhaled (for fastest delivery), the coherence of the structured water it creates begins to take effect.  

The premise may be simple, but the results are quite dramatic. Please note testimonials from various health experts and professional athletes below, which are also shown in the video:

“Protein function is just about everything when it comes to immunity, your organs and your mitochondria and even expressions of your DNA. That’s why I recommend this amazing biohacking device called the NanoVi from a company called Eng3.” – Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof, Upgrade Labs, 40 years of Zen

“The NanoVi helped me train harder and longer than anyone who has ever done this training. The recovery was noticeable and also quantifiable.” – Matt Gallant, CEO Bioptimsers, 4-time 40 years of Zen Trainee

“Studies have shown that oxidative stress is a leading cause of brain aging… That’s why I’m excited about a game changing technology I was recently introduced to, called NanoVi.” – Jim Kwik, Founder of Kwik Brain, Author of Limitless

“I use it (NanoVi) to kickstart cellular repair… and I notice faster recovery when I use the NanoVi consistently.” – Nick Foles, Indianapolis Colts quarterback and Super Bowl MVP

“(NanoVi is) My favorite technology for inner calm, better body composition, deeper sleep, and enhanced recovery from hard training.” – Ben Pakulski, Muscle Intelligence podcast, Founder of MI40

“We’re always looking for an edge because we’re older competing against younger people. And we found that this (NanoVi) is very good for recovery stress… The NanoVi helps us stay on track, sharp mind, sharp body.”
– Janine Shoffner, J2 Racing Mercedes-AMG SP9 Class

“I’m really impressed that NanoVi has proven data and rock-solid studies to back up what it does including increases in exercise performance.” – Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof, Upgrade Labs, 40 years of Zen

As you can see by their glowing testimonials, the NanoVi is used by a wide range of respected health experts and professional athletes, from “Limitless” author Jim Kwik to super-bowl winning QB Nick Foles.

If you’re looking to enhance general well-being, elevate mood, boost athletic performance, accelerate recovery and/or recharge after a vigorous workout, then optimizing cellular protein function may be integral to your success! Proteins are the most abundant organic compound in the human body and their function is dependent on their ability to fold properly. Properly folded proteins have the necessary geometry to execute cellular processes, while improperly folded proteins can malfunction and cause a multitude of diseases.

NanoVi technology leverages advances in biophysics and water science to initiate protein folding/function and cellular repair.

Use theNanoVi device while working at your desk or watching TV. Just have a seat and breathe in the NanoVi water vapor to give your cells the additional boost of energy they need, whenever it’s convenient for you! 

Research shows NanoVi: 
-Restores protein activity after damage by heat, chemicals, or oxidation
-Protects proteins against damage
-Strengthens the body’s immune response and antioxidant defense
-Reduces double strand DNA breaks

Click to explore the science behind NanoVi: