Nootropics and Biohacking Your Brain with Australia’s Leading Biohacker, Lucas Aoun

Lucas Aoun is Australia’s leading Biohacker with extensive experience researching Nootropics and other performance-enhancing compounds

He discusses with Angela specific Nootropics that can enhance focus and those that can help overcome procrastination and support with overcoming the fear response

Nootropics and their ability to enhance performance can really make a difference and this is an opportunity to hear great informative content about how to effectively bio-hack your brain for enhanced performance


Neurotransmitters govern the ability to focus and not get distracted. The top two are dopamine and acetylcholine
Optimising dopamine function is about providing the brain with the pre cursers to make its own dopamine
Bromantane is a synthetic adaptogen that can help to combat stress and is restorative over time
Bromantane is smart in the way it works and over time will build up your threshold for releasing dopamine
Bromantane has a long half-life and takes time to be absorbed by the body providing longer periods of focus
The nootropic Uridine monophosphate is really good at defeating procrastination.
There is a range of nootropics specifically designed to banish the fear-based response
When you are nervous before an event there are key physiological events happening in the body, an increase in the sympathetic nervous system, higher levels of adrenalin and epinephrine and an increase in glutamate activity
Taurine is a nootropic that’s parasympathetic activating and Gaba promoting and lowers adrenaline
Blackseed oil has a component, thymoquinone, that research has shown can help reduce fear and modulate the Gaba system
Sprint training is the best form of exercise for hormonal output, particularly for men


‘Nootropics can target and upregulate the production of these two critical neurotransmitters’

‘If you’ve got a deadline to meet Uridine is my go to’

‘I like pushing the body to its maximum capacity, allowing for rest’

‘The more dysphoric your exercise the more euphoric you feel post exercise’