How I "Managed" to Get 345/360 Without Even Having Passion for Biology | BIOHACK | By NEET AIR 223

In this video I have taught about about how you can gain good marks in biology with less effort. This video is for neet as well as cbse board and other board students. This video is for both class 11th and 12th students.

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Parth Goyal
AIR 223 in NEET 2019
AIR 5364 in JEE ADVANCED 2019

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Iss video mai maine bataya hai ki biology kaise padhe. Hame biology, inorganic chemistry aur organic chemistry ka revision karna chahiye. Ye video neet , jee, cbse aur baaki board ke baccho ke liye hai. Ye video class 11th aur class 12th dono ke liye hai. Video ko pura dekhe aur acchi lage toh like, share jarur kare.

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This channel contain videos tricks and hacks that I used to succeed in NEET, JEE as well as other competitive exams. I have also made some motivational videos and some lectures of various subjects like biology, physics and chemistry. I also made some videos about how you can treat diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems permanently with lifestyle changes only. I also make videos for mentoring students and MBBS lectures.
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I have always been interested in doing science stuff and motivating students to do the same. Science and technology are the main things through which society progress and we need to bring it to next level. However, I am also vegan and I think that over-exploitation of animals in the name of science is bad and science should done in a sustainable way.
I am currently a MBBS Student at GRMC, Gwalior.
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