BIOHACK-HERS Trailer | A female-led exploration of the biohacking revolution

As a result of our evolutionary hard-wiring, humans are feel-good addicts constantly chasing the next hit of happiness and forever seeking out ways to optimize our days. As a species, we have been after a similar set of health goals and altered states for eternity– from better sleep to more satisfying serotonin hits.

But a groundswell of innovation (across science, technology, psychology, energy medicine, and the intersection of all these fields) is igniting a biohacking revolution and taking elevated human states to astonishing new heights.

In each BIOHACK-HERS episode, we explore the evolutionary arc of vitality, longevity, and the age-old human pursuits that are driving some of today’s hottest wellness trends:

YESTERDAY: We explore the ancient wisdom & time-honored practices that cultures have used for centuries to achieve this wellness goal.

TODAY: We look at the emerging innovations and tools that mainstream audiences are using to hack this space. These are the hottest treatments you’ve been dying to try.

TOMORROW: We test out the wildest wellness innovations for ourselves and take you behind the scenes of the biohacking world.

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