Biohacking habits that will change your life (and cost you nothing)

Ever wonder what the science says about making your brain and body function better? Not able to spend thousands of dollars on supplements, tests, and gadgets? In this video, I talk about the five biohacking habits I started during my PhD that cost me nothing – and how I created a protocol to reduce my anxiety and improve my performance.

Use these habits to help manage your anxiety. Let me know if they work!

00:00 Introduction
00:54 What is biohacking?
01:50 1 Forward Ambulation
03:20 2 Brain Cleansing
04:50 3 Cold Showers
06:30 4 Gratitude Journal
07:20 5 Box Breathing
08:50 Behavioural States

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Hi, I’m Cheryl. I’m an organisational psychologist with a PhD in organisational behaviour. I work with students to get them better grades and to help them survive university. I’m a believer in fulfilment over achievement and I want people to stop doing stuff they hate! Leave a comment with any videos you’d like to see to improve your university or work life.

Box breathing protocol: