Dave Asprey ON: Biohacking, Longevity, and Biological Autonomy

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This week special guest Dave Asprey, otherwise known as the Father of Biohacking, joins me to discuss biohacking, longevity, and biological autonomy. As an entrepreneur, two-time best selling author and host of Bulletproof Radio, Dave is on a mission to educate and advocate for the reclamation of control over one’s own body for long-lasting and vibrant health. Tune in to learn about biohacking and how to protect and be an advocate for your family’s health.


“40% of aging is immune disfunction and overactivity”

“The coercive tactics that are in place right now to make people do things they don’t want to do, means you cannot pursue a longevity strategy”

“It is your right to choose your medical treatment”


Dave’s Telegram Channel: https://t.me/aspreyofficial

The Better Baby Book by Lana Asprey and Dave Asprey

Visit Dave Asprey’s website at https://daveasprey.com/

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