How To Remove Senescent Cells – Anti-Aging Biohacking

There are many ways of clearing and removing your Senescent Cells to increase your health and even your lifespan. Cell Senescence has become a major focus on longevity researchers due to it causing with like diabetes type 2, cancer and other diseases. Senolytic Supplements can remove senescent cells, so can lifestyle changes such as intermittent fasting or even genetic engineering through CRISPR. It’s one of the most promising Anti-Aging prospects.
Every day is a day closer to the Longevity Escape Velocity. And as that is happening, we at Longevity News cover the absolute cutting edge best Biotechnology on our path to curing the aging process.
00:00 What are Senescent Cells
01:47 What problems do Senescent Cells cause?
03:35 Removing Senescent Cells with Supplements
07:01 Removing Senescent Cells through Lifestyle
09:07 Removing Senescent Cells with Gene Editing
10:35 Last Words
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