This Is Your Brain On Biohacking: Shortcuts To Genius With Chris Keane #145

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Our society, even the health & wellness industry, has set the bar insanely low for what is considered a “normal” healthy body and brain. If it’s possible to feel, think, and operate at a much higher level than “normal” health, why is anyone settling for less?

Our guest Chris Keane, Chief Technology Officer of 40 Years of Zen, is a hardcore biohacker who wants to help everyone get to a more optimal level of health, leaving “normal” in the dust. Working with world-famous neuroscientists and biohackers, his team is building the technology that will take neurohacking to the next level.

I got to get a taste of this technology three years ago when I did the 40 Years of Zen training myself. Going through the program was an awesome and transformative experience for me, and I cannot suggest it more highly. It is the ultimate brain performance upgrade program out there, embraced by senior executives of major corporations, political leaders, world-class athletes, famous artists and authors, innovators of all kinds, and any other high-performance people who are looking for a further edge.

Chris first got into the biohacking scene because he met Dave Asprey years ago, back when he was working in tech before Bulletproof ever existed. When Dave was looking for someone to help him build, Chris was his guy.

Chris had always been pretty fit and felt like he was in good health – but when he and Dave started looking into how biology really works, he started realizing that his definition of well was below where it should be.

Fast forward many years and, today, Chris is testing new biohacking tech on himself every single day and he feels better now than he did 20 years ago.

Since the modern medical profession isn’t really about prevention or optimizing wellness, it’s time to take the reigns of our health into our own hands.

It’s time to redefine your normal. If you know someone who is dissatisfied with the status quo, share this episode with them right now.


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