Biohackers Episode 1 Review “Arrival” | Netflix Sci-fi | Recap & Breakdown

With Biohackers, Netflix brings us another science fiction series out of Germany! I break down the first episode here, sharing my initial thoughts on the core mystery, what works, what doesn’t work, and what I’m hoping to see out of the remaining five episodes.

The show does a good job introducing us to this world and uses some interesting cinematography to create a sense of immersion. However, the mystery threatens to undercut character development and at least in episode 1, besides Mia and Dr. Lorenz, most of the other characters are yet to be fleshed out. Overall though, I found this episode enjoyable enough to keep watching the series!

“After meeting her unconventional roommates, Mia attends her first class with Dr. Lorenz and cozies up to the professor’s research assistant, Jasper.”

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