The Dark Side of the Awakening Journey – One Too Many Red Pills? – Brief

Overcoming the Dark Side

Ascension is a war against dark Archontic forces, not just a race and it’s fought alone.

It’s a war as much as it is a race. It’s you against all evil working against you.

Enlightenment is a destructive process.

At times it feels like being dragged across a hedge. It’s as hellish as the hellish you’re freed from or trying to flee and freeing yourself from. Good luck there btw.

On the upside …

You gotta love the mega black magick opportunities throughout the bad times. Biohack and milk every inch of the law of balance. Life’s largely only as bad as what you allow outside of the archontic and elite influences and the wiser you become and the wisdom you apply, the easier life gets. It’s not all bleak, just 90% lol.

“Any matrix exit details?”

Save for a strong dose of heroine or combining several other 2&8 energies, I’ve found no single one-shot easy way out of dodge approach yet. I know several must exist to exit. Exist = exits. So for now for me, it’s being on a continuous long process-regimen journey to inch myself away from the ethereal evil day by day trying to stay a step ahead of the filth all around me. I cut out as much REM as possible, copper up, fast as long and often as I can, take 25-minute brisk walks if I can once a day, attempt to get to clean energy spots like some found in England, Woolpit to name one, and some in Washington, Utah, Georgia, N Carolina, Barrow AK, and fire-ravaged areas like Paradise CA. Micro-steps all help to loosen the Archontic grip that plagues humanity.

These are all I have to coffer up today … until I find that single red pill rocket ride out of Dodge, a legal method. Unfortunately, as you can cut yourself free from the dark archontic attachment chains, the more they pick up on it and fiercer they chase you down and now you’ve become a targeted individual. They ramp up their efforts to match your efforts and it’s a constant battle.

But we can up our speed collectively by uniting to get a biohack webhub service built and successfully launched. I’m still into light work biohacks and even more into positive change as with doing “the necessary” shadow work which is hellish in itself.

Random fun fact of the day

Did you know the archon reset history whenever mankind gets too wise? The last Tartarian mud flood for example with ancient Greek-style colosseums residue strewn about the face of Utah of all places … but we’re to beLIEve that early western settlers on horsie back did the deed lolol. The narrative is always full of sh!t.