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Listen To Episode 409 As Erika Kraus Uncovers:

(0:00) Healthcare Freedom: Cost Sharing System
(12:00) The Pain That Insurance & Big Pharma Create
(18:00) Shareable vs Non-Shareable Costs
(27:00) Direct Primary Care Health Solutions
(36:30) Physical & Financial Health Stability
(41:00) The 10 Sedera Ethical Beliefs & Principles

Healthcare Freedom: Cost Sharing System

-Why Sedera is not a insurance model but a community cost sharing system.
-What Sedera can specifically help you with along your wellness journey.

The Pain That Insurance & Big Pharma Create

-What message came to Josh during his 10-Day Vision Quest: Less anger, more truth.
-The power of exiting services that are no longer serving you anymore like insurance companies and focusing on a community based support system.

Shareable vs Non-Shareable Costs

-What “shareable costs” are and how they can benefit the community especially when healthcare emergencies happen.
-Why Sedera is extremely proud of their maternity sharing that supports members that are new mothers.

Direct Primary Care Health Solutions

-Exploring other non insurance solutions like direct primary care.
-The monthly payment plan for direct primary care and why many people like this model.

Physical & Financial Health Stability

-Why Sedera and cost-sharing plans do not use the conditioned term “covered” as it disempowers people.
-How Sedera helps their clients achieve the balance of both physical and financial health.

The 10 Sedera Ethical Beliefs & Principles

-Explore the 10 Sedera ethical beliefs and principles and which one Josh believes is the most important.
-Why it’s so important that we do not approach our wellbeing from a “take” or “scarcity” mentality.

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