Tim Gray Interview – The UK's Leading Biohacker on How to Optimize Your Sleep, Hydration and More

Tim Gray (@timbiohacker) is known as the UK’s leading Biohacker.

In this fascinating and wide-ranging interview, Tim explains how his old Mercury (amalgam) dental fillings set him on his incredible biohacking journey towards optimal health.

He introduces the five fundamental principles of health to focus on BEFORE diet and exercise, including optimizing your sleep and hydration (which doesn’t just mean drinking more water!)

Tim also teaches us about the importance of using natural daylight to reset your Circadian Rhythm in the mornings and how important it is to avoid blue light after sunset.

Tim the founder of the Health Optimisation Summit, which is taking place for the first time at Olympia in London, UK, on the weekend September 14 and 15 2019.

GET TICKETS 👉 https://summit.healthoptimisation.com/

It was really great to get to spend some time with Tim and I hope you enjoy this value-filled interview!

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