Losing 60+ lbs. of Muscle + Why GH Causes Thyroid Cancer + Biohacking Dopamine || BioBros #5

TIMESTAMPS thanks to the MVP Jax:

0:00 Introductions

0:45 Being corrected and learning from it

2:38 Watching the same videos multiple times/ the algorithm

4:12 H pylori tests

6:40 South Korea, H pylori, Kimchi and pickled foods

9:05 Famous BJJ guy and stomach issues

10:49 Gallbladder issues/ Bile acid

14:01 Leo on Crohn’s disease

16:53 Harming the GI tract with diet

18:22 Healing your GI tract

18:45 Pain and opioids/ the war on opioids

20:22 How to repopulate your gut bacteria

21:50 Steve’s digestive issues and the Great Wall of China

23:14 Salmonella

24:10 Key sign of GI issues

25:29 Pickup artists and getting sick

26:17 Pickup artists on youtube

27:56 Derek on nightlife

29:32 Neil Strauss The Game

32:07 The importance of conversation skills

32:56 What Leo did instead of approaching women

36:10 Leo in college

37:50 Building your own happiness

38:21 Leo on Tinder

39:34 Derek and Steve on the importance of learning to approach girls

42:10 Leo’s response to Derek

43:10 Speaking about what you are passionate about

43:50 Dating while rich vs dating while poor

45:22 Getting your party phase out of your system

46:46 Building up a friendship before getting into a relationship

47:40 Internalizing your self esteem/figuring out who you are

51:22 Steve meeting his wife

52:26 Finding a partner you relate to emotionally, intellectually, and ethically

54:05 Mathematical formula for who to marry from the 1950s

54:26 Leo had 2 girlfriends who knew about each other.

55:37 Dave’s podcast

58:42 Leo on GH and cancer

1:00:49 Melanoma and IGF1

1:01:20 Colon cancer/ Leo’s past health mistakes

1:02:28 Possible causes for Dave’s cancer

1:06:18 Palumbo’s thyroid cancer recipe

1:10:32 Additional thyroid information

1:12:47 High TSH levels

1:13:35 What happens when you take too much GH

1:15:21 Iodine and thyroid nodules

1:16:24 Is thyroid cancer becoming more common?

1:18:26 Iodine and autoimmune thyroid disease

1:18:33 Being female and autoimmune disease

1:19:46 What to test to check for thyroid autoimmune issues

Anti TSHR, Anti TPO, Anti TG

1:21:55 Iodine supplementation

1:22:49 Do Leo and Steve take a multivitamin?

1:26:16 Leo on multivitamins

1:30:02 Steve and Leo on Selenium

1:31:21 Leo on Adderall

1:33:36 Leo on amphetamines

1:36:27 Leo on Adderall doses

1:37:35 Adderall vs modafinil

1:37:56 Using Adderall for biohacking

1:39:41 Drugs increasing brain plasticity

1:41:41 dangers of extended release Adderall

1:44:19 Signal 1 receptor agonism

1:45:30 signal 1 receptor agonists

DHEA, Fluvoxamine, Donepezil

1:46:38 Ghrelin receptor agonism

1:48:45 Monoamine oxidase b inhibitors

1:50:11 Safinamide (Xadago)

1:52:32 Minimizing amphetamine toxicity

1:53:33 Drug induced plasticity

1:55:43 How long it took leo to lose his muscle mass

2:01:49 Is PCT useful?

2:04:00 PCT study synopsis

2:08:50 Leo on PCTs

2:11:00 Anti doping associations and manipulating studies

2:12:43 The importance of study designs

2:13:13 Sci-hub.se

2:13:40 More on PCT

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