Why Am I So Tired? Will I Ever Feel Good Again?

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This is the 3rd of 4 videos in the BioHacker – Covid19 Mini-Series
The series explores alternative methods to stay safer and healthier to give you an edge in these crazy times. Solutions on how to feel better and live a longer, healthier, more productive life. How to BioHack or trigger your body to work at its best potential and not just treat the symptoms.

For the past year, the world’s top scientists and researchers have been frantically studying COVID-19 and how to stop it or at least how to minimize the effects.
It left us with a lot of uncertainty!

* So…Are you someone who is not going to take the Covid vaccine or simply worried they might not be enough?
* Do you wonder what the next pandemic will be and if you will be ready?
* Are you worried your body is not working at its fullest potential and how that will affect you?
* Wondering if you will ever feel good again?

VIDEO 3 – Why Am I So Tired? -Will I Ever Feel Good Again
-Exhaustion and Fatigue – WHY?
-How can I get more ENERGY?
-What are NRF1, Mitochondria, and NAD
-How NRF2 and NAD affect the Covid19 death rate?

SO …How does Covid get into our System?
What are the NRF2, NRF1 & NAD pathways?
Why do some people get real Sick or Die?

BioHacking – Supplementation vs Activation

There is a lot of overwhelming formation out there so I’m going to limit this to real science from some of the most respected institutions including Universities, Pre-Prints Studies, and even the US Nation Library of Medicine.

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2. This is the 2nd video in the BioHacking – Covid19 Mini-Series
3. Why Am I so Tired? – Will I Ever Feel GOOD Again?
4. Fix-It NOW! – Supplementation or Activation

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