Breathing Animation + Music for Stress & Anxiety

Stressed? Anxious? TAKE A BREATH.

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This breathing pattern is an adapted version of the Navy Seal’s BOX breathing technique. It’s specifically designed stop stress and activate your body’s parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) nervous system.

Great for:
– Stress
– Anxiety
– Sleep
– Digestion


1. HOLD – Short breath holds are a natural parasympathetic (rest/digest) response. In clinical studies, short intermittent breath holds were used to stop panic attacks.

2. EXHALE – Full, extended exhales lower heart rate, blood pressure, and decrease sympathetic (fight-or-flight) nervous system activity.

3. SLOW – Our breath is both a signal and a symptom of stress. For most of us, it speeds up in times of stress. We can beat it by consciously choosing to SLOW DOWN the breath. The average person breaths once every 3 to 4 seconds. This pattern is 16 seconds long, making it ideal for stress.


1. NOSE BREATHE – Use the nose on both the inhale and the exhale to get warmer, cleaner air (plus 6x more nitric oxide, which boosts immunity, circulation, and performance)

2. BELLY BREATHE – when we breathe out of the belly, or the abdomen, we engage the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a powerful tool that activates our body’s rest-and-digest mode, the parasympathetic nervous system. Plus, the lower parts of the lungs are up to 7x more efficient.

Use twice a day for optimal results.

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