How to Stay Focused (Unusual Biohacking Tips That Work)

Are you struggling to stay focused & the same old productivity tips aren’t working? Well, you’re about to find out why!

In this detailed video, you’ll discover the latest techniques that will help you develop a laser-like focus to help you get more done in less time that the productivity gurus completely ignore. These unorthodox approaches will give you the edge you need to improve energy, clarity and fine-tune your ability to get into the zone with ease. We’ll take a look at;

1. How nutritional deficiencies are killing your focus and impacting your cognitive abilities. Why sugar/carbs are so sweet, but kill your cognition and cause brain fog and energy crashes. And, how to supplement with MCT Oil for sustained energy and focus.

2. Why it’s critical to deal with food cravings that are throwing you into an unproductive state of mind. You’ll find out my favorite biohacking tip so you’ll never feel hungry mid morning and mid afternoon again.

3. How to use Nicotine as a powerful nootropic/smart drug when you really need to get things done in a limited amount of time.

4. The best way to train your brain to focus in just a few minutes a day using the latest wearable device that helps to get you into a state of calm.

5. How to address anxiety, fear, and panic that’s sabotaging your ability to get into the zone using a pair of wearables that work in under 30 seconds.

Plus, much, much more.

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Ben Angel

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