Lecture by Samina at Biohacking Congress

Astonishing Claus Pummer, President of Natural by Design, Certified Holistic Sleep Coach, North American importer Samina, gave an incredible lecture on “Your Wake Up Call to Sleep: The Biohacker’s Formula for Sleep Success” at Biohacking Congress.

Claus is a certified sleep advisor and hosts his own blog on saminasleep.com and many clients are grateful to him for their good night’s sleep.

🌱SAMINA is a naturally healthy brand of luxury organic mattresses and products promoting optimal health through sleep. While Americans spend billions of dollars on sleep aids, devices, and drugs, SAMINA is the eco bed health nuts choose for all the health-promoting benefits that can only be attained through sleep.

Claus shared useful Sleep Hacks:
– Hacking Light
– Hacking Air
– Hacking EMF Exposure While Sleeping
– Hacking the Hardware of Sleep

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