What is Biohacking? Hacks for Optimal Focus, Energy & Concentration

Have you ever wanted to learn how you can biohack your way to greater mental clarity, reduced stress, heightened focus, while alleviating depression, anxiety & fatigue?

If so, grab yourself a Bulletproof Coffee & dive into this highly revealing interview.

Ben Angel, author of the brand new biohacking book, “Unstoppable,” functional nurse practitioner & nutritionist, Cynthia Henry Thurlow & psychologist, Dr. Kelly Donahue explore biohacking & how you can use it to optimize mental performance.

You’ll discover:

* How to thrive in stressful situations
* What biohacking is & why biohacking is the future of peak performance, focus & concentration
* Why we need to address the bias by the self-help industry that “excuses” are simply a result of a weak mental mindset & why this bias is bad advice at best & dangerous at worst
* How nutritional deficiencies mimic psychological disorders, including anxiety, depression & aggression, it’s prevalence & how it impacts your mental performance
* A brand new wearable device that is revolutionizing the treatment of stress
* Why you can’t out-think bad biochemistry by medicating with self-help
* Why it’s vital you hone in on your gut health for mental health
* Why biohacking is critical for those suffering with depression & why this need to focus in on their biochemistry

Plus, much, much more.

Sit back, relax & dive in now.

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