Biohacking in the Bathroom | Talking Urinalysis and Ketosis with Daniel Maggs

Conversation with Daniel Maggs, CEO of urinalysis company Bisu. We discuss:
-Why urinalysis?
-Why you need to check multiple biomarkers at the same time
-Why blood is not always the gold standard.
-Significance of acid load
-What is “Integrative Omics” ?
-How Ketosis affects different biomarkers
-Why you need to track AcAc and BHB to understand your ketosis/ketones status from urine
-Challenges / advantages with urinalysis

Check out Bisu and Dan at:

✳︎Links to the three papers mentioned at 12:23

✳︎Clarification from Dan on the point at 4:00
“So in short, muscles become acidic through prolonged exercise, bicarbonate is used to buffer that acidity and also acidity from the diet, so the more acidic your diet is the less bicarbonate is available for the muscles = fatigue faster. Lactate is not something that is removed but is an energy source for intense exercise made from stored energy in the form of pyruvate.”

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