My TOP 5 BIOHACKING TOOLS For Entrepreneurs

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This video is about how to use MY TOP 5 BIOHACKING TOOLS to make yourself healthier, more productive and happier. Every day.

One question I am asked on an almost daily basis is why as an entrepreneur, you should focus on biohacking your performance.

The answer is simple. We are (complex) robots. Robots can be tuned and improved.

It seems obvious that whatever our goals are in life, certain things can help. I (and many others) want to be more energetic, have better willpower, not have bad moods, have the confidence to talk with the cute girl in the line at the supermarket.

All these things depend on transient mental states. And they in turn depend on your biochemistry (amongst other things). If you ever meditated, took drugs, had a bad night of sleep, or been sick you know this to be true: with these biochemical fluctuations your personality changes, and behaviours can become much easier or harder.

My goal is simple: manipulate my clients biochemistry to get more of the things they want, and less of the things they do not want.

In today’s video I am going to be sharing with you the 5 tools you can utilise now I to be more confident, have better focus, energy, willpower, stress resilience, brainpower, calm, health, longevity, removal of social anxieties/inhibitions with minimal investment of time and minimal risk. These are the tools, devices and tricks that I utilise with my 6 and 7 figure clients around the world.

Hey! If you’re new to the channel… my name is Billy Harris.

My area of expertise is helping high performing entrepreneurs take their business to another level by mastering your health, reducing stress, optimising performance and increasing productivity. I do all of this through The Peak Performance Program, my consulting service.

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