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Angela continues to discuss and share great advice on optimising hormonal health and focuses in this bitesize episode on effectively managing cortisol

Factors impacting cortisol levels include sleep, a disrupted circadian rhythm and inflammation and Angela explains the signs that indicate you are not managing your cortisol and blood sugar effectively and shares actionable advice on how you can make the right changes and take control


Keep inflammation low, get good quality sleep and optimise your circadian rhythm to feel less stressed
A very low-carb diet all of the time can lead to increased insulin resistance
Being in a state of ketosis all the time can increase stress levels so cycling in and out of ketosis daily is preferable
Weight gain in the abdominal area can indicate you are not managing cortisol and blood sugar
If you have issues with your blood sugar you need to look closely at your diet
You can’t ever supplement your way out of HPA axis dysfunction it requires lifestyle changes


‘Stress and HPA dysfunction is more often a problem with the brain, not the adrenals’

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‘The body is designed to cope with stress over short periods of time but in the modern world people are under relentless stress’