The Parent Track: Work-Life Balance Hacks to Elevate Your Career and Raise Good Humans

Price: $25.00

Being a heavy-hitter at work and a great parent aren’t always competing goals: in many cases, they build on the same set of strengths. It is possible for working parents not just to get by, but to thrive.

After raising four children while moving up in the competitive world of technology, Christine Sandman Stone has compiled an authentic, funny, and realistic resource to help parents succeed in all areas of their lives. In these pages, you’ll learn simple phrases to manage expectations at work, the formula for an effective time-out, and how to build and activate a network to help both at work and at home.

Through advice, anecdotes, and ”hacks”-unexpected solutions to common problems-The Parent Track aims to accelerate a new generation of parents, helping them grow as individuals, increase profits at work, and raise good humans.