Hack Your Sleep NoBlue Blue Blocking Sunglasses Orange/Amber Tinted Lens Computer Glasses (Includes Ebook) Blocks 99.9% of Blue and UV Rays, Prevents Eye Fatigue, Soft Temples

Price: $49.99 - $24.99

Hack Your Sleep Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses Overview

Sleep Better: Block the blue light that is preventing you from a deep and energizing full night sleep.

Full Blue Light Blocking Ability: NoBlue’s block out nearly 100% of blue light.

Turn on Natural Melatonin Production: Blue light is what keeps your brain from knowing that it’s night and that it’s time to turn on natural melatonin production.

Darker Lens: Insures full blue blocking ability. Beware of other models that only block out 30-60% of blue light.

Warranty: 100% back no questions asked warranty

Free Ebook: Please see product insert for instructions on claiming your 60 page “Hack Your Sleep” ebook.

Best for home use 1-2 hours before bed.
Tested to Block 99.9% of Harmful Blue Rays and UV Rays from the Sun and Artificial Light Sources.
Blue light from the sun and electronics is a major cause of eye fatigue and headaches.
Blue light is responsible for suppressing natural melatonin production.
Blue light exposure will make it harder to fall asleep and to not sleep as deep, causing you to wake up groggy, still feeling tired, and not completely rested.
Wear before bed to block artificial light from suppressing natural melatonin production.
Protects from eye fatigue from computers, tablets, television, and phone screens.

Add to Cart Now to start sleeping deeper and end the daily eye fatigue and headaches caused by the harmful blue light exposure from your electronic devices.
Tested to Block 99.9% of Harmful Blue Rays and UV Rays emitting from the Sun and Artificial Light Sources
Sleep Better: Wear Before Bed and Block Artificial Light from Suppressing Melatonin Prod.
Safe and Stylish: Wraparound Lens Design For Maximum Coverage and Safety Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 and CSA Z94.3 standards
Prevents Headaches: Protects from Eye Fatigue from Computer, tablet, television, and cell phone screens.
99.9% Blue Blocking Ability: Dark Tinted Amber Sunglass Lens to Fully Block all Blue Ray Light