How To Analyze People: Learn how to Read People and Improve your Empathic, Mind-control and Body Language Skills to Develop a Deeper Understanding of human relationships and to hack others’ thought

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Analyzing people is a challenging task, indeed. This is especially true in the modern world where there are schools that teach people how to behave outwardly even if their internal feelings are in contradiction to their behavior. There are people who can look you in the eye, not bat an eyelid, and sell you a Ponzi scheme and you will be none the wiser until after you have lost your money. Some people are taught or have the natural ability to hide emotions or change how their emotions are being presented. 

There are people who can make their eyes twinkle even if they are not happy. There are people who can wow and entice an entire audience to believe their own through the sheer power of their oratory skills. And yet, if you can look close enough and deep enough, you can discern true personalities from pretenses that are being put up as a façade.

Another pitfall that can affect the correct analysis of people is our own conditioning and personal perspectives. We are taught many things about people based on their race, culture, gender, etc. In order to be able to read and analyze individuals correctly, we must first know ourselves, our prejudices, and our misunderstandings. Then we have to learn to unlearn and break free from these mental shackles.

We must be ready to clear our minds and go with openness and willingness to accept what we see and perceive without being affected by our biases. So go ahead. Know your true self. Shed inhibitions and biases and get into the world of analyzing and understanding people and their personalities.

But do so only to make your own life and that of others better. As we all become more emotionally intelligent, hopefully, we should also be more adept at reading others. This means that we have the power to use it with good intentions instead of simply abusing it for our own gain. If you can make others like you, they will want to do business with you, and you won’t have to trick anyone into the bargain. Because you will both be getting what you want.

The trick is, instead, that you must like yourself. And like what you’re trying to achieve. Follow your dreams so that you feel genuinely enthusiastic about getting up every morning and going about your business. Feel glad to be alive and take others along on the journey with you. Find something, and ideally someone, to be passionate about.

Don’t do anything that you would be ashamed of – and that includes hoodwinking another person into bending to your will. There is a huge different between selling yourself as a happy, confident, good to be around human being and deceiving someone with the aid of cloak and daggers.

Take advantage of the gift within these pages and learn to live your life to the full, making a difference not just to your own life but also to everyone you come across. You now have the knowledge of knowing how someone is feeling just by looking at them. Don’t stop there. Use this toolkit to go out and be the person who you were meant to be

This guide will focus on the following:

  • It all starts with the brain
  • the head and the face
  • reading people through their handwriting
  • body language and voice basics revealed
  • how are they breathing?
  • posture and body orientation
  • analyzing people through the nonverbals of the hands and the palms
  • knowing me, knowing you
  • types of liars
  • detecting lying and deception
  • destroy perception and build understanding
  • manipulation and neuro linguistic programming… AND MORE!!!

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