Dr Jack Kruse On Biohacking Your Water, EMFs, Blue Light, DHA, Cold, Sun and Sleep

See my post and show notes: http://selfhacked.com/2015/04/12/interview-with-dr-jack-kruse-emfs-biohacking-water-dha-and-blue-light/
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-We see and will continue to see a trend of disease explosion – especially of the brain, immune system and heart.

-The paleo and ancestral people -Chris Kresser, Rob Wolf, Matt Lalonde and Jimmy Moore don’t focus on the important things.

-We get too much blue light.

-We need more DHA if we get less sun.

-We need more DHA and ‘good’ water if we’re exposed to EMFs.

-Living in a city dehydrates us and therefore we need to drink more good water.

-I discuss my water biohack – distilled water+infrared light+hydrogen+cold….Jack says that putting the water on a copper pot on the magnetico is a good addition.

-Farmed fish is better than no fish. Supplemental DHA is better no DHA, as long as it’s from a reliable company and not exposed to light or heat.

-We should try to get much of our DHA from raw seafood, especially oysters.

-DHA increase our DC electric current, which is critical to being awake.

-We need more iodine in the form of seaweeds if we have more EMF exposure.

-If people don’t do well with saturated fats, it’s because of environmental exposure to EMFs and the environment in general.

-Obese and really thin people have an energy problem and electron loss. The obese people have it from neck down and the anorexics have it from neck up.

Dr Kruse’s order of importance:

Circadian Rhythm
Limiting blue light
Water (spring water)
Psychological stress