Rumpole of the Bailey, Set 1 – The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

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All rise for this honorable court. So enters the inimitable Horace Rumpole, brilliant and sly barrister of London s Old Bailey Criminal Court. An immensely popular PBS series spanning 1978 to 1992, RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY set the bar for all law dramas that followed. Balancing satire and suspense as deftly as the scales of justice, Rumpole comes to the defense of shoplifting vicars, safecrackers, overly amorous teachers, and others caught in a spot of trouble. Liberally applying quotes from the classics, Rumpole always wins his case. However, he wins few arguments against the lovely Mrs. Rumpole, affectionately known as She Who Must Be Obeyed.

Flawlessly adapted by John Mortimer from his best-selling novels, and starring the esteemed Leo McKern (A Man for All Seasons), this four-DVD set includes all 12 episodes from the first and second seasons of RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY.

DVD Features: Feature-Length Bonus Movie Rumpole s Return; Episode Introductions with John Mortimer; John Mortimer Biography; John Mortimer Bibliography and Selected Credits; About the Old Bailey; Official Executioners of Newgate Prison; Interactive Menus; Scene SelectionRumpole of the Bailey- DVD Brand New