Industrial Biotechnology Commercialization Handbook: How to make proteins without animals and fuels or chemicals without crude oil

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How much will it cost, how long will it take and is the technology ready to commercialize? These are the three most common questions received from founders, investors and employees looking to commercialize novel biotechnologies. This handbook provides industry insight and practical explanations of the commercialization process, including common pitfalls to avoid on the way to success. Mark Warner is a registered professional chemical engineer who started his career at Monsanto Chemical, turning waste pulp and paper byproducts into foods and chemicals. After spending a decade in large engineering firms, he joined an early-stage renewable energy venture and has not looked back. Mark leveraged the initial biofuels experience to hold executive level positions with industry names such as Impossible Foods, Solazyme, Harris Group and Imperium Renewables. Warner Advisors LLC was founded in 2015 with a mission of assisting early-stage biotechnology companies in commercializing their technologies. To date, Mark has consulted for over 40 industrial biotechnology ventures and is recognized as an expert in biotechnology commercialization.