Building Biotechnology: Biotechnology Business, Regulations, Patents, Law, Policy and Science

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Building Biotechnology helps readers understand the business of biotechnology, how to start and manage biotechnology companies, and how to better service the needs of biotechnology companies. This acclaimed book describes the convergence of scientific, political, regulatory, and commercial factors that drive the biotechnology industry and define its scope.

In addition to its popularity among business professionals and scientists seeking to apply their skills to biotechnology, Building Biotechnology has also been adopted as a course text in dozens of advanced biotechnology programs including MBA programs at UC Irvine, Tepper, and Boston University; the Johns Hopkins biotechnology MS/MBA program; NIH Office of Technology Transfer; extension programs at Berkeley and UCSF; and international programs at the Karolinska Institute, Macquarie University, and Schulich School of Business.

This fourth edition significantly expands upon the foundation laid by the first three, updating case law and business models in this dynamic industry and adding significantly more case studies, informative figures and tables. Most importantly, Building Biotechnology enables seasoned business professionals and entrepreneurial scientists alike to understand the drivers of biotechnology businesses and apply their established skills for commercial success.