Biohacking for personal genetic enhancement

This is a big step in a project that I’ve been working toward for years now. I finally did the open source gene therapy on myself. This is a small test dose and it’ll increase in scale as I see how it goes. This therapy is designed to make a permanent genetic change that’ll alter my metabolism to favor a more lean and muscular form.

This expresses a hormone called follistatin 344, which inhibits many other hormones including myostatin. In adult mice this not only increases their muscle mass it also increases their heart health and longevity.

Sorry for the lack of technical explanation as I go. Netflix was there helping me capture this moment and I was trying to be clear to a non-technical audience which is really challenging for me. I’ve got more videos coming that will be deep dives into the technical minutiae of the vector, how it works, what tests were done, production, purification, design etc.

This isn’t the end there will be many more doses to get to the scale needed to make a serious permanent difference, and this is only the beginning.

This vector is designed to be a permanent non-viral episome built with viral and human genetic elements but not carried by a virus. There are no bacterial genetic elements and it’s not plasmid but it is naked DNA. The closest description is it’s a small human artificial chromosome with the gene of interest FST344 loaded on it. It’s called DiHAC-FST5, it doesn’t integrate into the host genome.

Expression was first tested in vitro cell culture and in animal tests and now it’s my turn.

If all this works I’ll compile everything into an open source method for permanent diy gene therapy covering everything from building the bioreactor to evaluating results. The next few months will tell how this is going to work. The end section of the video was weeks later after several larger doses.

Also sorry about the audio in parts, it’s Mississippi and the frogs sing when they want to.

If you want early access to this stuff you can get it here.