The Complete Guide to Magnet Implants

You’re probably wondering why you’re here. Why’d you click on the video about the crazy people putting magnets in their fingers. Before I tell you, this isn’t normally what we do on this channel. Normally we work on far more interesting and useful projects like building cameras that can see wifi, getting data off passing weather satellites, or engineering yeast to produce spider silk. Sound interesting? Here’s some links:

Wifi Camera:
Spiders beer:

As to the magnets, the reason is simple. We’re surrounded by metals and electromagnetic fields and yet we don’t even notice they’re there most of the time even though they are what make our world work. With a magnet (literally) in hand you’re able to feel all of this information. Maybe it’s the vibration of the transformer in your microwave, power running through a wire, or the metal or magnets in your various devices.

Electricians will get them so they can feel the current running through a wire and have that tiny bit of extra sensation to warn them before they touch something that could kill them. Others will get them and then build devices to work in concert with the magnets, like ultrasonic range finders that let you feel the world from a distance. But mostly people get them because it’s like a piercing with some extra party tricks. It doesn’t need to have a use, it can just be cool, and that’s ok too.

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