The Ultimate Guide To Master Biohacking

Biohacking is a journey that needs your commitment and dedication and you may struggle with it the first time, but the struggle is even more real when you’re going out with non biohackers. So how do you plan to manage that?

In this 10th episode of the Biohacking Bestie, I will help you with some tips on how to stay true to your biohacker self regardless of where you are.

You will learn:
How I managed to hit my fitness goals even while traveling
My oil preferences
My food preparation preferences
The health benefits of grass-fed butter
Some don’ts about food control
What to do instead of feeling guilty
Do your best to make sure it’s guilty and enjoy your food without the guilt when you know that it’s not.
Applying the Pareto principle
The worst ingredient that you can pick from the restaurant’s menu
The right order of eating your food and why it’s important
What to eat before you go out
4 tips to help you feel better after eating a heavy, unhealthy meal outside

And that wraps up our biohacking introduction, I hope to see you in our community.

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