Rebel Guide: Biohacking Brittany's shares her wild health and biohacking biohacking secrets

Biohacking Brittany joined Sarah and Russ to share her health and biohacking secrets that helped her overcome many health challenges. On a daily basis she can be found sipping her favorite coffee (with goat butter, mushroom powder, and collagen) while educating herself on anything and everything health-related from the comfort of her home. She is mostly known for being ambitious, fun, and passionate about nature and health, including biohacking, nutrient-dense foods, healthy lifestyle habits, and more. She’s been on a wild health journey for over 12 years, healing from Leaky Gut Syndrome, Candida, parasites, dysbiosis, and hormonal imbalances through various health modalities and changes. She loves serving the world by sharing her health journey and she shares it with the Rebel Scientist listeners.