E22: Mastering Biohacking for Optimal Mental Health and Well-Being with Aurimas Juodka, pt. II

In pt. II of our podcast with Aurimas Juodka, an expert in human optimization and biohacking we take you on a journey to reprogram yourself from within, discussing everything from the basics of sleep, diet, exercise, and supplements, to advanced techniques like fasting, cryotherapy, and mindfulness.

Discover the importance of food sensitivity and allergy tests, and learn about which herbs and nootropics can help you increase performance and balance your biochemistry.

Whether you’re looking for tips to get started or want to go the extra mile, this video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to take control of their mental health and reach the next level of personal performance in every area of life.

00:00 Reprogramming Yourself from Within
01:15 From Shame and Denial to Acknowledgement
08:02 Getting The Basics Right: Sleep, Diet, Exercise, and Supplements
12:09 How do You Start With Herbs and Supplements?
13:34 Diet & Nutrition
19:17 The Truly Effective Work-Out
25:50 Basic Supplements to Get Started
29:06 The Importance of Food Sensitivity & Allergy Tests
31:15 Advanced Reprogramming: Fasting
38:08 Going the Extra Mile: Cryotherapy & Cold Showers
39:52 Meditation & Mindfulness
45:08 Testosterone-Boosting, Balancing Herbs & Nootropics
52:18 It’s All About Our Biochemistry


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