Understanding Biohacking, Fitness, and more with Pam Gold of PRTL

Understanding Biohacking, Fitness, Social Media and so much more with the wonderful, Pam Gold of PRTL | SWTT 180

On this episode, Josh chats with Pam Gold onsite at Birch Media in NYC.
Pam is the Founder of PRTL, the rebrand of HACKD Fitness, NYC’s first bio-hacking fitness studio, sharing the latest fitness and recovery tech and holistic coaching, and creator of Peace Power Parenting, a 4 week online program that provides a practical training for parents synthesizing behavioral, social, emotional and spiritual intelligence. Her first book, Find More Strength: Five Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness, was a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon and provides a simple, practical path to inner strength. Her forthcoming book, Timeless in Less Time: 12 Weeks to Optimized Fitness and Wellbeing for Life is due in Late Summer 2021.

This was certainly a fun one. We hope you enjoy it too!
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