Dave Asprey’s Top Biohacking Tips For Longevity and Optimal Health

In this episode, I am speaking with Dave Asprey (best-known for Bullet-proof Coffee) about using biohacking for improving your body and mind.

In this podcast, Dave speaks about:

What exactly is the Biohacking Movement, what inspired it and who might benefit from it
What age Dave thinks you could live to if you cracked biohacking (and how he comes out at that number)
Resolving the ongoing vegan/vegetarianism vs omnivorism vs. carnivorism debate.
The benefits of world-famous Bullet-proof Coffee – fact or fiction? (And Dave’s new coffee that may be even better!)
Why paying attention to the issue of mold and coffee may matter way more than you think!
Using technology like the Oura Ring to track your health data and make objective improvements you can be sure of
His top 3 biohacking tips anyone can experiment with

Show Notes
What is biohacking (01:35)
Modern or ancestral lifestyle, which one is best? (09:20)
Nutrition for biohacking (17:20)
Bulletproof coffee and more (23:00)
Vegans vs. Carnivore (29:00)
Biotracking yay or nay? (32:35)
The story behind 10,000 steps a day (36:50)
The importance of critical thinking (37:42)
The best bio hacks for combating fatigue (39:00)
Bulletproof coffee and LDL Cholesterol (50:21)
How Dave starts his day (58:40)