Brain Biohacking | Kayla Barnes Discusses Biohacking Your Brain with NanoVi

Kayla Barnes has been an influencer in the health and wellness industry for 10+ years. She broadcasts the popular podcast Brain Biohacking with Kayla Barnes and is currently CEO of Brain Upgraded, a concierge brain health coaching company whose mission is to help clients and community heal their brains and optimize cognition through proven science-backed approaches.  Kayla has been named one of the top global human longevity leaders by Mind Maps and has been featured in Forbes, Biohackers Magazine, Thrive Global, Byrdie, BeWell Magazine and more.  She studied Human Sciences at the University of Savoy Mont Blanc and received certification to become a brain health coach from the Amen Clinics, training under renowned brain doctor Dr. Daniel Amen. It was truly an honor to be featured on her podcast below:

Kayla is also a friend of the biohacking community. She has been open about her wellness journey which began after years of battling brain-related issues such as ADHD, anxiety, and at times, depression. She, like many others before her with these types of afflictions, tried numerous conventional medicinal therapies – all of which failed. So, she began to explore functional medicine to provide solutions for her cognitive ailments.

Kayla was finally able to heal her brain and body by upgrading her biology through proper nutrition, mindful movement, biohacking, and following a brain health protocol. Now, through the company she runs, Kayla works with other CEOs and high-performing individuals to optimize their brains and bodies. As part of her mission, Kayla likes to stay on the cutting edge of science-backed technologies to provide the best coaching possible for her high-profile clients. NanoVi is distinguished by being one of Kayla’s favorite pieces of biohacking equipment.

“I use the NanoVi daily. Sometimes pre-exercise, sometimes post exercise, post hyperbaric.. and definitely feel an impact on lessening brain fog… which is especially (important) for people that are Type A and that are bio-hackers. You know, we wanna burn the candle at all ends from working out hard, to being successful and performing well in our careers and our fields, so I think it’s important we prioritize recovery… I’m grateful for NanoVi.”
-Kayla Barnes, CEO of Brain Upgraded and podcaster

By using natural bio-hacking methods, instead of pharmaceuticals, Kayla was able to rebound from a history of brain-related ailments, which ultimately spring-boarded her toward becoming a brain health coach and launching a company helping others achieve optimal brain health. Kayla’s passion, compassion, intelligence and ingenuity shine through. She is ultra-focused on helping others achieve peak brain performance through science-based technologies and this is only possible because she, herself, is achieving peak brain performance.

If you’re looking to enhance general well-being, elevate mood, boost athletic performance, accelerate recovery and/or recharge after a vigorous workout, then optimizing cellular protein function may be integral to your success! Proteins are the most abundant organic compound in the human body and their function is dependent on their ability to fold properly. Properly folded proteins have the necessary geometry to execute cellular processes, while improperly folded proteins can malfunction and cause a multitude of diseases.

NanoVi technology leverages advances in biophysics and water science to initiate protein folding/function and cellular repair. Inside NanoVi, specific electromagnetic energies (one of which is the same as what the body produces) are emitted to a humid airflow that is inhaled. The energy state of this humidity ultimately initiates changes in the water surrounding proteins, in a way that supports their folding and function. Helping proteins function better is an overall upgrade because proteins do all the work in the body. Proteins are what your body is made from, and they control its biochemical processes including the ongoing repair of oxidative stress damage. Proteins run the immune system, your breathing, digestion, movement, brain function, detoxification, and everything else your body does is the work of proteins. So, helping proteins function better is a substantial upgrade.

Use theNanoVi device while working at your desk or watching TV. Just have a seat and breathe in the NanoVi water vapor to give your cells the additional boost of energy they need, whenever it’s convenient for you! 

Research shows NanoVi: 
-Restores protein activity after damage by heat, chemicals, or oxidation
-Protects proteins against damage
-Strengthens the body’s immune response and antioxidant defense
-Reduces double strand DNA breaks

Click to explore the science behind NanoVi:

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