The Chemistry Behind Financial Mastery

Isn’t it funny to look back on how we used to think about stuff? This week on The Sport of Rich, you may have this experience. Richard takes an interesting approach to risk, reward, money, and – body chemistry?! Yes, body chemistry. Richard is introducing you to a paradigm of thinking called ‘The Chemistry Behind Financial Mastery.’ It sounds fancy and sophisticated – and it is very much so at the research level – but in the terms Richie will explain it to you, it will be like how to drive a car. After all, most of us can operate a car but don’t really know how it works. It’s biohacking to achieve things. A magnificent theme discussed is the concept of ‘the familiar’, and how it operates in your brain and in your life. How the familiar acts in your brain and body. We are even going to show you how to stretch and keep learning with greater intention than ever before by using techniques discussed in this conversation. Take good notes because there are some eye opening moments.