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Hey guys, my name is Tanya and a new approach to weight loss is imperative for women particularly women over 40. I abused my body for so long by habitually under-eating and maxing out on cardio.
Only, to watch the men in my life strength train, build muscle , cut back on alcohol a lil’ bit and then proceed to lose ridiculous amounts of weight.

Never did I once think, maybe I should try that! I believed what was out there-that women would get big, and become muscular if we did the same thing.

Well, I’m trying this approach now, and I feel stronger, mentally and physically. I’m also grateful that I now eat more than 1100 calories per day. I’m eating almost 2000 calories daily and looking to increase that number gradually.
To avoid getting overwhelmed in this journey, I decided to focus on a few key indicators. Specifically, reducing visceral fat, increasing protein, limiting carbohydrates. Of course, I want the number on the scale to go down but it is no longer my sole measurement for success.😅
Stay tuned.😇

⚠️⚠️Please remember I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist or healthcare professional. This is a recount of my journey and what I eat during a low carb diet. It is NOT weight loss or medical advice.

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