The best and worst of biohacking | Melanie Avalon

I’ve been super impressed with Melanie Avalon’s ability to synthesise complex topics and bring them to life for her listeners. All of her podcast episodes are a fascinating DEEP dive into the topic to elucidate the practical application.

We had a ton of positive feedback from my interview on her podcast. Our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group exploded after she and Gin Stephens started raving about it all the time on their Intermittent Fasting Podcast.

After binge-listening to her podcast with a wide array of fantastic guests, I had a ton of questions for Melanie.

It was great to get her on the other side of the interview mic for a rare video interview to discuss:
– How did you get interested in biohacking?
– Why did you start the biohacking podcast?
– How did you deal with imposter syndrome?
– How long did it take to feel like you owned the role?
– You have experimented with a lot of different nutritional extremes. What have you learned from each?
– What do you eat most often these days? Do you identify with a particular dietary camp now?
– What is “biohacking”? How do you define it?
– Is there any free lunch in biology? Or are we just trying to align our modern environment to align with our evolutionary biology?
– How can technology help us live in line with our evolutionary roots?
– What biohacks have you found most helpful?
– What biohacks have you found least useful?
– Supplements vs nutrients from food – what are the pros and cons of each?
– What have you learned from tracking glucose and ketones?
– What eating routine have you found that works best for you?
– What biohacks are you most excited about in the future?
– How do you think big data and artificial intelligence will change the future of healthcare?
– What wisdom do you have when guiding someone to find the minimum effective dose of biohacking for them?
– What are the pitfalls that you have encountered on your biohacking journey that you would recommend others avoid?
– What is the most exciting thing you learned from one of your guests that changed your life?
– Who are your biggest inspirations in nutrition and biohacking?
– How does someone find the balance between biohacking to live a better life vs living their life without overcomplicating it?

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